The Official Host Committee Website for the Chicago NATO Summit

Leaders from around the world are gathering in Chicago this spring for an important diplomatic summit hosted by President Barack Obama. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold meetings in Chicago from May 20-21, allowing the city to highlight its economic vitality, its arts and architecture, and its can-do spirit.

  • This will be the first time an American city other than Washington has hosted a NATO summit.
  • About 2,000 journalists from across the world are expected in Chicago to chronicle the events.

While the summit itself will be closed to the public, the Chicago NATO Host Committee is making plans for a variety of programs to inform our community about this historic event. Through our partners such as The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, World Sport Chicago, and Illinois Restaurant Association, the Host Committee has organized lectures on foreign affairs, contests for students, special dining programs, and much more.

Information about all of these programs, plus more information about the benefits of the summit on the city of Chicago, can be found in the Chicago Residents section. You can also find a summary of related events in the Events Listing.

Here is the latest video made to welcome NATO delegates to Chicago:

The longer, full-length version of this video features interviews with Chicago architects, artists, theater directors, business executives, and chefs. It is an exciting snapshot of all that Chicago has to offer. You can watch the full video on our Video page.

The NATO summit offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our city — and especially our students — to witness world leaders working together to address global challenges. We encourage you to use this momentous occasion to learn more about our world, expand your horizons, and become more of a global citizen.



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