Request made by Dr. Gaston Saint Martin, from Chicago, IL, USA; 06/19/2012-

This is an important request. We need to know what happen with the LEGAL ACTION FILED by Dr German Pirán, against the destruction of Argentine’s currency in 2002. That was the beginning of the actual Argentine chaos.  

After so many decades of bad administrations, mistakes, anarchy, inflation and hyper inflation; Argentina enjoyed during the administration of President Carlos Menem, a little more than 10 years of economic stability.  Argentina seemed to have recovered some common sense and slowly start to rectify some chronic mistakes. Legally, and -according with Argentine’s wonderful 1853 Constitution- had fixed the value of Argentine currency (1 peso = 1 dolar). Having a true currency was the main need to have period of economic satiability. “The Argentine People” really approved that plan!  –   President Menem won every minor and mayor election, he never, ever, lost an election!   BUT once again a Coup d’état ([i]) destroyed that.   –   This time de Coup d’état was NOT military made, but done by lawyers politicians: Ricardo Alfonsín, and Eduardo Duhalde; to replace Constitutional elected President Fernando Dela Rúa, who indented to preserve the value of Argentine currency.

That civil Coup d’état join the Executive Power, the Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice to gather enough illegal extraordinary power to kill de Argentine peso, by those submissions and supremacy the life, honor, and fortunes of the Argentines were left at mercy of the government.

Please follow this link ( ) to read Art, 29 of Argentine Constitution.

Without currency Argentina went into chaos. Nobody around the world could understand what happened!

Dr, Steve Hanke, (co-directors of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, and scholar of CATO Institute, was the economist who made the “plan 1 peso = 1 dollar” for President Menem; so he was called to inform The Congress of USA what was going on in Argentina.

Below you can read the interchange of mails between Dr. Steve Hanke and Dr German Piran.

At the very same moment Dr. Hanke presented his report to The USA Congress,  published that report. Incultura Argentina is not On Line any longer, but we have re- publisher many notes at  

[i] Coup d’état: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (’%C3%A9tat)For other uses, see Coup d’état (disambiguation).

“Coup” and “Putsch” redirect here. For other uses, see Coup (disambiguation).

Not to be confused with Coup de tête (disambiguation).

coup d’état (English: /ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/, French: [ku deta]; plural: coups d’état; translation: strike (against the) state, literally: strike/blow of state)—also known as a coupputsch, andoverthrow—is the sudden, illegal deposition of a government,[1][2][3][4] usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to depose the extant government and replace it with another body, civil or military. A coup d’état is considered successful when theusurpers establish their dominance. When the coup neither fails completely nor succeeds, a civil war is a likely consequence.

A coup d’état typically uses the extant government’s power to assume political control of the country. In Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook, military historian Edward Luttwak states that “[a]coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder.” The armed forces, whether military or paramilitary, are not a defining factor of a coup d’état.



Por Germán Rafael Pirán



Original Message —

From: Dr. Steve Hanke

To: Incultura Argentina Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 7:06 PM

Subject: Re: Mr. Steve H. Hanke, re your “LEGALIZED THEFT” Forbes Magazine article
Dear Mr. Pirán,

I am pleased to learn of your legal action. I will read your brief tonight and respond shortly.

Attached is the testimony I presented today to the House Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade, FYI.

Best wishes,

At 06:09 PM 3/5/2002 -0300, you wrote:
Mr. Steve H. Hanke

Dear Mr. Hanke:
Re: your “LEGALIZED THEFT” Forbes Magazine article.

Regarding your above mentioned article, which seems to be the first outstandig international report on the theft of the Reserves of the convertibility – as far as I know – please note that a legal action based on those grounds has been filed by me, with the Argentine Federal Courts.

Further information is being furnished from <> in our Charlas 176ª, 199ª (includes the draft of the legal complaint) and 222ª (includes your above mentioned article).

President Duhalde iniciated legal constitututional procedures to remove the members of our SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE, in order to replace them by “loyal” Judges to garantee the impunity of this and other MEGA THEFTS from the present and previous Governments. Your campaign in favor of the truth to be revealed in the First World is extremely important because the local press does not mention a single word on the convertibility reserves theft.

You are being extremely helpful to the argentine people, and I thank you very much.

Best regards

German R. Pirán, attorney at law and director of


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